Mos vital jelly


Vitamin supplements Total of 15 minerals and other components


Mos vital jelly

Contains 15 types of vitamins

1. Helps strengthen appetite (L-lysine)
2. Helps strengthen the body's immune system (Vitamin D and Zinc)
3. Helps strengthen brain development (Omega3,6,9) and DHA
4. Help prevent and treat anemia and anemia (Folic Acid, Ferrous Fumarate)
5. Helps strengthen the nervous system and eyesight (Vitamin A, B1, B6, B12)
6. Helps strengthen bones (Calcium)
7. Helps strengthen the body to receive adequate vitamins and minerals (Vitamin K1.E, lodine and Magnesium).
8.Helps strengthen the inhibition of tooth decay (Xylitol)

How to eat
- Children 2 years and up, eat 1-2 packets per day (1 packet in the morning, 1 packet in the afternoon).
-Adults/elders: Take 2-3 packets per day (before breakfast, lunch, and dinner).

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