Next Health 3 ply Face mask round earloop


Next Health 3 ply Face mask round earloop


สีเขียว สีฟ้า สีขาว สีชมพู


Next Health 3 ply Face mask round earloop
3-layer hygienic mask for adults

Product code

Green 02250007

Blue 02250008

White 02250009

Pink 02250010

Contains 50 pieces/box
Notification number 64-1-3-2-0000349
Registration number กท.สพ. 98/2564
Face mask size: length 175 (±3) mm. width 90 (±3) mm.
Ear strap length 190 mm
Thickness 14/25/25 GSM

Passed the bacteria filtration test from NELSON LABORATORIES, INS. United States

For wearing over the nose and mouth Disposable type to prevent microorganisms and fluids or blood from entering the respiratory tract and mouth. Made from a material consisting of 3 layers of synthetic fibers, Hypo allergic and Latex Free. The Nose Bride is made of aluminum. Coated with PVC plastic on the top edge helps in bending to fit the nose structure of each wearer, increasing fit and comfort while wearing. It has a rectangular shape with an ear strap.

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